Finding the unknown

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I decided to do a 100 day journey. A journey that only I will know about. This journey is in search of my lifeline. The channel where I can be alive. Where I can fill up with ecstasy. Where I can feel my deepest darkest pain, be still and see the polarity. Where I can touch eternity. Where everything becomes one. Where I uniquely fit into the blend. It has been a very long time since I have touch the centre of my universe and I am utterly starved for it.

It is the euphoric adventure of facing your darkness. Expressing your phantom powers and desires. Your lust for destructive forbidden fruit and the longing to feel. In a world perfectly conditioned we are paralysed by normality; taking away the one thing that differentiate between living and being alive. The ability to feel. Getting to experience the diversity and duality of oneself. If everything is balanced and in harmony, you don’t get to sink into the depth of your unknown. You don’t get to trust the glory of wonders. You are in your abyss of nowhere and somewhere passing valuable time. Robbing yourself of the most presciousness…. Life.

As a human race, we long not to experience pain or darkness, yet if it is not for that same pain or darkness, how will you be able to recognise the light, the love.

The most valuable thing you could give yourself is fear. Not to be fearful, but to face your fear to experience the exhilarated conquer of self. Wrestling the dragon within you up to the point of exhaustion in order to become one and ride it towards the sunset of self discovery.